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J.A.T Environmental Reclamation, as an Environmental Reclamation company, our stock is always driven by what we can find. However, we are always looking out for new materials and we hope that we will always be able to meet your needs. Our range covers everything that is required when repairing or renovating old and period premises and includes Timber, both structural and flooring, Bricks, Building Stone, Paving Bricks, Natural Stone Paving and Roofing Tiles and Slates. We also have a range of other items that do not fit in to these categories, such ar Chimneys, rainwater goods, and wonderful finds! New stock is arriving all the time so email us, call us on 01761 492 906 or book a visit to us in Pensford to find out what is currently in stock.


RECLAIMED TIMBER: We can provide bulk timber,Timber Reclamation to your requirements. We also produce a range of timber products. These include doors (reclaimed or made to your specification from reclaimed wood of your choice), worktops, flooring, beams and lintels - all are ideal for conversions, renovations and period features. In addition to using reclaimed timber, we also provide flooring and doors made from rustic grade new oak.

All of our timber products can be produced cleaned, planed and ready for immediate use.


RECLAIMED BRICKS: We stock both machine and hand made bricks Brick Reclamation in colours to suit your project(s). Our bricks come from a wide variety of sources and include both hand made and machine manufactured.

Hand made bricks typically date from the late 1800s to the early 1900, are less even in colour, texture and shape than their machine made counterparts, are harder to find and yet just have something about them! Reclaimed machine made bricks are more even and regular in size which makes them easier to lay.

Call us on 01761 492 906 to find out what we have in stock (we are always selling stock and bringing new bricks in) or book a visit to us in Pensford to have a look at our stock.


TILES AND SLATE: We strive to carry a broad range of Roofing Tile Reclamation Tiles and Slates. We're happy to supply just one or two to cope with little domestic disasters all the way up to entire roofs.

Our range includes Pan Tiles, Double Romans, Triple Vs, Belgian Interlocking Tiles and Ridge Tiles of all shapes and angles! We also hold stock of traditional slate tiles in various sizes.

Our stock of roofing materials tends to change quite rapidly and so it is always worth giving us a call 01761 492 906 or make an appointment to come and see us and we'll be able to talk over your needs and match your needs to the tiles that we have available.


BUILDING STONE: We typically stock a range of reclaimed Stone Reclamation limestone, pennant sandstone, lias and granite. We also sell new imported building stone in various colours, which can add warmth, charm and appeal to your specific project. If you are looking for building stone for a simple stone wall through to building a new home, then come and talk to us. We can supply most stone that is local to our area.

Remember our stock list does change so for the most up to date information please contact us by email or telephone us on 01761 492 906 or arrange a date to visit us, we are only for appontments


PAVING STONE: Reclaimed Natural Stone Paving is a beautiful way Flagstone Reclamation to enhance your paths, driveway, garden or patio area. So that we can meet your needs we always carry stocks of traditional flagstones, (including weathered flagstones) together with Limestone and Lias flagstones. These can be for internal as well as external use. We are one of the South-West's leading suppliers of reclaimed building materials, we always have a great range in reclaimed goods available at our easily accessible reclamation yard, this includes a supply of natural stone paving and flagstones which are updated weekly.


PAVING BRICKS and QUARRY TILES: Reclaimed Paving Bricks and Quarry Tiles can be Paving Brick Reclamationincorporated into your design plans. We usually carry stocks of blue and red brick pavers, some with patterns, stable block bricks, and quarry tiles. These can be for internal as well as external use. As one of the South-West's leading suppliers of reclaimed building materials, we also have a great range of blue and red edging stones including Victorian rope twist, our stocks change quite rapidly and so it is always worth giving us a call 01761 492 906 or arranging to come in to see us and we'll be able to talk over your needs.


CHIMNEYS, FIREPLACES and MORE: As well as stocking reclaimed timber, building stone, Reclaimed Products natural stone paving, roofing tiles, roofing slates and bricks we also carry a range of items that don't really fit in to any category - hence their appearance here. We carry natural stone troughs, reclaimed oak tubs, fireplaces, iron fencing and gates, chimney pots, guttering and downpipes..

All of our ur products are competitively priced and our levels of service are second to none, if you can not see something listed, please do not assume we have not got it, we probably have!


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Call us on  01761 492 906 or if you are around the Bristol or Bath areas book a visit!